Nice to have you here! This is Chiara.

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Once upon a time... 1989 in a tiny city called Modica (Sicily, Italy)  Antonio (dad), Flavia (mom), and Salvatore (brother) are ready to meet the last member of the family: Chiara.

Log story short, after living in Turin, Milan, San Francisco, and New York, I decided to come back to Sicily, the cradle of civilization, art, history, traditions, the land where my heart found peace!

I do multiple activities in my life. I'm an entrepreneur, then I paint, play music, make jewelry, design stuff.

I love plants and I hope to become a good kayaker a mountain-biker!

Each trait of my personality started with a spark. I wanna tell you the exact moment who kindle the spark.

I forget to tell you that I used to be a Civil Engineer

(my father still is trying to figure out why I don't practice!)

2012 Winner Project at Winter School in Accessibility with ThyssenKrupp

2014 Master Degree, Construction Engineering, Polytechnic of Turin

2014 Research at UC Berkeley California & Hinman Consulting Engineers

2015 Co-Founder at AMusicalPlaceThe Airbnb of Musical Instruments

2016 Co-Founder & CPO at UsItalianFood | Authentic Italian Experience




Flavia (my mamma) is an art teacher and an artist. When I was very young she taught me how to paint.

One day, mom and dad bought me a tiny & fancy Barbie's table and they filled it with colors, scissors (of course with the rounded edges), glue, fabric and other stuff. That day I consistently started.  


At home, we had an old and dusted piano. One day, I don't know why, I decided to go in this old room, open that old piano and touch it. The magic began. Something happened inside me and I started trying to combine sounds that turned into a sweet melody. Well, at least for my memory it was amazing! Since that day I never stopped.


The first time I properly cooked was to seduce a man. At that time I was at 2nd high school grade and I made a "timballo di tortellini". In Sicily, we like to say that man should be seduced with delicious food. Despite I'm an emancipated woman, I really like that ;) That day I learned how to cook with love, the basic ingredient for every good recipe!


I was 14 maybe, and I was with my family & friend in my home kitchen. I started playing with a Prosecco cork, then with the cork's wire. I don't know how, I created a ring, a beautiful one. A spark was lighted in my brain! The same evening my father gave me his pliers and some wire. At the end of the month, My I made first earrings collection, sold out in 15 days!


While I was in San Francisco, I had a dream that changed my life. Forever. A movable wardrobe in a beach, it was filled with all my stuff and a bed on top. This dream changed me, a sparkle in my hearth and in my mind was kindled. Since that day I decided that I will innovate, invent and create. I protect this sparkle by doing what I love. Everyday.


I have to say thank you to my dad if I love to travel so much. I travel due to my work but everything started with my family. My family is a bit crazy, we have two BMW GS,  Mum and Dad in the motorcycle number one and me and my brother in the other. So lucky to have the chance to do that and share it with my family.