Nice to have you here! This is Chiara.

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Once upon a time... 1989 in a tiny city called Modica (Sicily, Italy)  Antonio (dad), Flavia (mom), and Salvatore (brother) are ready to meet the last member of the family: Chiara.

Log story short, after living in Turin, Milan, San Francisco, and New York, I decided to come back to Sicily, the cradle of civilization, art, history, traditions, the land where my heart found peace!

I do multiple activities in my life. I'm an entrepreneur, then I paint, play music, make jewelry, design stuff.

I love plants and I hope to become a good kayaker a mountain-biker!

Each trait of my personality started with a spark. I wanna tell you the exact moment who kindle the spark.

I forget to tell you that I used to be a Civil Engineer

(my father still is trying to figure out why I don't practice!)

2012 Winner Project at Winter School in Accessibility with ThyssenKrupp

2014 Master Degree, Construction Engineering, Polytechnic of Turin

2014 Research at UC Berkeley California & Hinman Consulting Engineers

2015 Co-Founder at AMusicalPlaceThe Airbnb of Musical Instruments

2016 Co-Founder & CPO at UsItalianFood | Authentic Italian Experience



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